Welcome to Rini at ESCRS in Paris September 14-17 - stand C131!

See our popular operating table RiEye with many improvements both for patient and staff. Also take the opportunity to try our surgeon chair Carl. For the most demanding procedures the R8 model with "FlexiDoc" armrest give the surgeon a new dimension in a safe and ergonomic work environment.

The RiEye operating table has been further developed in collaboration with leading clinics and distributors. Built on a strong legacy in terms of function and ergonomics, the Mk2S model comes with new and enhanced features. As before the Mk2S is offered in three popular base models; R5 (small room), R6 (standard) and R7 (anesthetic procedures). Hight lights are:
RiEye Mk2S
• New and more powerful motors giving table much enhanced stability

• New smarter hand control with more options where to mount it

• Backrest can be angled even more, now 90 in relation to the seat

• Improved ergonomics going from chair to surgery and from surgery to chair position

• Higher capacity battery providing more operating cycles

• Better access for patients to sit/stand up as well as docking to/from a stretcher

Designed specifically for Eye surgery the RiEye Mk2S operating table, with its uniquely weightless headrest, is shown in several configurations. All of the these greatly improves the comfort for the patient and the speed in pre-op procedures. In addition, fine tuning of the head position can be done electrically by a hand control or by foot-joystick and there are user-programmable positions and electrical presets for zero-level and Trendelenburg positions.. There is also an option for electrical brake/directional control available. All models of the RiEye Mk2S table offers high mobility and easy access to patient, which has set a new standard in safe and efficient surgery.

For micro surgery the Carl Mk2 chair offers the surgeon excellent access and ergonomic comfort with its three-wheel frame, and electrical control of both height adjustment and brake function. In addition the chair is easy to clean with smooth surfaces and encapsulated details. The Carl Mk2 can be equipped with different types of armrest solutions for optimal arm or hand relief during micro surgery.

RiEye Mk2S and Carl Flexidoc Both the patented safety armrest "Rilis" and the "One-grip" armrest are popular models and we are now pleased to present a new addition to the family. For extra demanding procedures the new "FlexiDoc" armrest is being launched which will give the surgeon a new dimension in a safe and ergonomic work environment.

Key features include - easy means of fine tuning the position of the armrest even while it's draped. With a fast and uncomplicated push-and-hold lever, the surgeon will be able to adjust both length and height of the armrest. In a locked position the armrest offers incredible stability, but if the surgeon pushes the lever forward the armrest will be weightless and easy to adjust.

Looking forward seeing you in Paris!

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About Rini Ergoteknik AB

Rini has since mid 1990 been a quality supplier of ergonomic products and solutions to medical professionals. We have our own sales and support organization in Sweden and work mainly with appointed distributors on our export markets.

Our business strategy is simple!

Rini offers ergonomic products and solutions uniquely tailored to different treatment areas. Giving doctors and association personnel a maximum comfortable and productive work environment.

We are very proud that our products are highly appreciated in hospitals, specialist clinics, local healthcare centres and by dentists, not only in Sweden but around the world. The close contact we have with many highly qualified users is exciting and a positive challenge to continue to develop our products further always with customer satisfaction in focus!